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Limitations of Our Guarantee:

We want you to be so satisfied with your closet system and our service
way beyond the installation that you tell a friend about us.

Our closet systems are guaranteed. We guarantee our closet systems
materials and installation for as long as you own your home.

This includes all parts and labor associated with our closet systems. If any
part of your installed closet system becomes damaged or unusable through
normal and reasonable use, we will repair/replace those affected
components at no charge to you.

This warranty is not transferable
and only for the original client and will
be considered void on any closet system that has been subject to
unreasonable use or exposure, misuse, abuse or neglect, accidents as
water or fire damage or improper modification by anyone other than Smart
Closet Solution , re-installation or relocation of the system after initial

This warranty applies to closet systems only and only if all components and
parts are manufactured, supplied by and installed by Smart Closet Solution.

*The warranty does not apply to wardrobes with doors that have hinges
including doors with glass or mirrors.
We are dedicated to ensuring that you are fully satisfied and enjoying
your high quality custom designed storage for many years to come.
Smart Closet Solution
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Smart Closet Solution
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New York City
Serving the New York City area for over
20 years. Smart Closet Solution has
strives for years to create an impeccable
reputation, synonymous with
high-quality Custom Closets. We are
well-known in the industry and we take
pride in being a pioneer in this field.
lifetime guarantee closets
Our Lifetime Guarantee

We offer all our customers a Lifetime Guarantee
covering defects in materials and workmanship
for our closet systems for as long as you live in
your home.

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